Surrey Advertiser Rosebowl

2022 Competition Results

The 2022 Surrey Advertiser Rosebowl Competition was held on Tuesday 8 March, online via Zoom.   Judging was carried out by Clive Tanner FRPS MPAGB APAGB.

Image Sets.   Winner awarded the Surrey Advertiser Rosebowl.

First:   Molesey Photographic Club – “Seascapes”
Runner-Up:   Woking Photographic Society – “In the Snow”
Third:   Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club – “Big Cats”
Highly Commended:
Chertsey Camera Club “Creative Lockdown”
Godalming Photographic Club “Insects”
Richmond Camera Club “Misty Mornings”

Individual Images.   Winner awarded the Surrey Advertiser Award for Best Individual Image

First:   “Milky Way over Calanish” by Andrew Webster ARPS, Dorking Camera Club
Runner-Up:   “A Day at the Beach” by Sheila Orford, Ludshott Photographic Club
Third:   “Watchful Lion” by Kath Phillips, Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club
Highly Commended:
“Twirls” by Janet Mills, Chertsey Camera Club
“Lone Rider” by John Phillips, Richmond Camera Club
“The Gull’s Way” by David Joy LRPS, Molesey Photographic Club

2021 Competition Results
Image Sets
First:   Ludshott Photographic Club – “Contemplation”
Runner-Up:   Middleton Camera Club – “In Flight”
Third:   Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club – “Close Up Flowers”
Highly Commended:   Epsom Camera Club “The Sky at Night”,   Bookham Camera Club “Surrey Woodland”,   Dorking Camera Club “Living in 2020”

Individual Images
First:   “Mummy’s Angel” by John Dumble, Ludshott Photographic Club
Runner-Up:   “The Curl” by Marilyn Taylor, Guildford Photographic Society
Third:   “The Message of Pride” by Ian Nicol, Horsham Photographic Society
Highly Commended:
“Heron” by Neil Treolar, Middleton Camera Club
“Misty Morning on Headley Heath” by David Cook, Bookham Camera Club
“In the Pit” by Gerald Sorenti, Cheam Camera Club

2020 Competition Results
Image Sets
First:   Godalming Photographic Club – “Skomer Bird Life”
Runner-Up:   Woking Photographic Society – “Portraits”
Third:   Reigate Photographic Society – “Life on the Edge”
Highly Commended:   Yateley Camera Club “Safari, Madikwe, South Africa”,   Epsom Camera Club “On the Move”,   Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society “Stairways”

Individual Images
First:   “Mon Petit” by John Sherringham, Woking Photographic Society
Runner-Up:   “Puffin” by Karen McKeogh, Godalming Photographic Club
Third:   “Balanced” by Nick Rogers, Reigate Photographic Society
Highly Commended:
“Lucy” by Steve Morris, Woking Photographic Society
“Lounging Lioness” by Brian Howe, Yateley Camera Club
“Leopard with Remains of Kill” by Alan West, Yateley Camera Club
“New Kids on the Block” by Clare Pickett LRPS, Tandridge Photographic Society
“Life on the Edge” by Louise Barker, Reigate Photographic Society
“Razorbill” by Graham Johnston, Godalming Photographic Club
“Fulmar” by Tim Clarke, Godalming Photographic Club
“Staircase and Arch” by Miles Flint, Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society
“Lunch” by Alan Bennett, Middleton Camera Club

2019 Competition Results
Image Sets
First:   Godalming Photographic Club – “Autumn in the Park”

Runner-Up:   Yateley Camera Club
Third:   Bookham Camera Club
Highly Commended:   Cheam Camera Club, Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club, Epsom Camera Club

Individual Images
First:   “Calm at Sunset” by Francis Bryan, Yateley Camera Club

Runner-Up:   “Cheers” by Mike Wilson, Horley Photographic Club
Third:   “Abstract Autumn View of Waterfall” by Andi Hargreaves, Dorking Camera Club
Highly Commended:
“Shimla Railway Worker” by Mike Bromley DPAGB BPE2, Old Coulsdon Camera Club
“Serenity” by Daan Olivier FRPS AFIAP, Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club
“Incoming Puffin” by Simon van Orden, Epsom Camera Club

2018 Competition Results
Image Sets
First: Godalming Photographic Club – “Birds with Prey”

Runner-Up: Epsom Camera Club
Third: Middleton Camera Club
Highly Commended: Capel Camera Club, Guildford Photographic Society, Old Coulsdon Camera Club

Individual Images
First: “Foggy Tideway”, by John Phillips, Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society
Runner-Up: “Heron with Trout”, by Graham Johnston, Godalming Photographic Club
Third: “Another Fine Mess”, by Mike Bromley, Old Coulsdon Camera Club
Highly Commended:
“Bobcat in Snow, Yellowstone”, by Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS APAGB, Epsom Camera Club
“Marmalade Fly”, by Phil Kirk, Malden Camera Club
“Osprey with Catch”, by Mike Rowe, Godalming Photographic Club

2017 Competition Results.
Image Sets.
First: Windlesham and Camberley Camera Club

Runner-Up: Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society
Third: Dorking Camera Club

Highly Commended: Cheam Camera Club, Godalming Photographic Club, Kingston Camera Club.

Individual Images:
First: “Sketch”, by Julia Savi, Kingston Camera Club
Runner-Up: “Tree, Snow and Cloud”, by Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS AFIAP BPE5*, Epsom Camera Club
Third: “Hanging Out”, by Christine Padmore, Dorking Camera CLub

Highly Commended:
“Leith Hill View”, by Alan Thompson FRPS, Dorking Camera Club
“Modern Art”, by Bulent Acar, Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society
“Rain Drenched Dandelion Seed Head”, by Margaret Ford, Godalming Photographic Club

2016 Competition Results.

Image Sets.
First: Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society

Second: Godalming Photographic Club
Third: Horley Photographic Club

Highly Commended: Cheam Camera Club, Windlesham & Camberley CC, Epsom CC

Shortlisted but not awarded: Yateley Camera Club; Dorking Camera Club; Kingston Camera Club

Individual Images.
First: “Abbi”, Mike Wilson LRPS, Horley.
Second. “Fistral Beach”, Rachael Talibart LRPS, Molesey.
Third: “Chapterhouse Roof, York Minster”, Iain Morrison, Ludshott.

Highly Commended:
“Golden Temple, Cleaning the Lake”, Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS, Epsom CC
“Hazel Penwarden – Sculptor”, Colin Clarke ARPS, Richmond
“White Frocks”, Chris Taylor LRPS, Richmond

Shortlisted but not awarded
“Aggressive Siskin”; Graham Johnston, Godalming
“Windswept”; Andy Friend-Smith, Guildford
“Mask 1”; Ann Healey LRPS CPAGB EFIAP, Richmond