The Society holds five competitions for prints and five for projected digital images during each season.

The competitions are divided into two classes – Open and Advanced. Any member who holds a distinction, e.g. FRPS, ARPS, APAGB, or who is a professional photographer, must compete in the Advanced class. Members without distinctions may elect to compete in either class.

Competitions are judged by a member of another club who is accredited as a judge by the SPA or another PAGB Federation. The judge is not required to award marks for pictures; he or she selects five pictures in each class to go through to finals in June.

There are also three annual competitions.

The first one is the Halliday Portrait Competition for both prints and projected digital images, and members from both classes compete on an equal footing.

The second annual competition, the Jeff Darken Trophy, is for monochrome prints.

The third competition, Members’ Choice, is only for Open Class members who compete for the Evelyn Gibbons Trophy (projected digital images) and the Bob Fergusson Trophy (prints). Entries may be any image that has not received a certificate during the current competition year.